The Paper Calculator has been the go-to tool for us when calculating our annual impacts of sustainable purchasing. For many years, paper was the ONLY product category we could easily calculate impacts for because the Paper Calculator has been there all along. We use it to calculate the benefits of our overall paper reduction efforts and also our purchase of 100% recycled content paper. It’s also used to document the impacts of the State of Minnesota’s overall paper purchases each year. Thank you for the continuing updates and improvements, and the tool overall.
Madalyn Cioci, Product Sustainability and Partnerships
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

The Paper Calculator is a brilliant tool that has enabled us to help our client quantify substantial environmental savings by comparing different paper types. Thanks to the Paper Calculator, we have calculations to support initiatives involving large, global brands and household names, that encourage them to switch to sustainable alternatives. The Paper Calculator has also helped our client develop sustainability targets related to paper consumption, which is invaluable and will create lasting, sustainable change.
Oliver Bradley, Sustainability Consultant
TBL Services

Friesens is North America’s premier trade book and school yearbook manufacturer, providing books and book services to customers including National Geographic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Random House, Harvard and many more. Friesens has long been a steward to our environment is a proud user of the Paper Calculator, a valuable eco-tool that helps Friesens educate and empower our customers and their consumers in terms of their own environmental stewardship and practices. Protecting the environment is everyone’s business.
Curwin Friesen, CEO
Friesens Corporation

NRDC has a long history of working with businesses and other organizations to help reduce the environmental impacts of their operations and events, from major corporations to professional sports teams to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Paper Calculator has been extremely helpful to us in this work, by showing these organizations how their paper purchasing decisions can result in concrete environmental benefits.
Darby Hoover, Senior Resource Specialist
Natural Resources Defense Council

Quantifying environmental impacts of paper purchasing is possible. Having the Paper Calculator readily available on mpm.com is just one way Monadnock Paper Mills makes it easy for its customers to meet their environmental impact reduction goals.
Lisa Berghaus, Manager of Marketing Communications
Monadnock Paper Mills

Lexmark creates innovative imaging services and technologies that help customers worldwide print, secure and manage information with ease, efficiency and unmatched value. Being a responsible neighbor, employer and global corporate citizen is woven into everything we do. The Paper Calculator helps us determine the environmental impact of printing and maintain our sustainability leadership.
John Gagel, Corporate Senior Manager of Global Sustainability

The Paper Calculator has been an essential tool at Hemlock, allowing our clients to clearly see the environmental benefits of choosing papers with higher post-consumer waste content. Our clients, ranging from outdoor apparel companies to not-for-profit organizations, have found the information extremely useful in their paper purchasing decisions.
Doug Climie, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Hemlock Printers

We use the Paper Calculator to compare papers all the time. It makes the environmental case so clear, and it's easy to profile papers and see the differences between them.
Susan Kinsella, Executive Director

Delivering our premium organic teas in mindful and ecologically responsible packaging has always been a priority at Numi. We specify the highest possible post-consumer waste paperboard for our cartons, and have worked with our suppliers to develop innovative flexible film teabag wrappers that incorporate post-consumer waste paper into the construction. The Paper Calculator helps us to validate, measure and communicate the impacts of our decisions. We appreciate the scientific rigor behind the model and the ease of use, making it a reliable tool to confidently frame external communications.
Jane Franch, Director of Quality, Sourcing & Sustainability
Numi Organic Tea

The Paper Calculator is an essential component of Catalog Choice, a free service for stopping unwanted junk mail. The Paper Calculator has allowed us to measure and report the environmental savings from over 30 million mail cancellations, providing our community and partners with a better understanding of the environmental costs of junk mail paper waste as well as a comprehensive view of their collective impact. 
Brett Chamberlin, Community Engagement Project Manager
The Story of Stuff Project/Catalog Choice

The Paper Calculator tool is an integral part of our customers' purchasing assessments which we highlight during our Green Business Review process.  It is a tool that simplifies the complexity of lifecycle thinking – and provides a tangible way to articulate environmental impacts reduced through greener purchasing.  We have been able to utilize the tool in ways that help to 'move the needle' towards more sustainable purchasing for our customers and for our own organization.
Molly Ray, Senior Manager, Sustainability
Office Depot, Inc.

Green America uses the Paper Calculator to assess environmental impacts of companies’ paper use, and finds the tool to be extremely valuable. The Paper Calculator presents impacts for a wide range of recycled content, providing the data needed to target what recycled percentage a company must adopt to achieve environmental savings and produce a quality product.
Beth Porter, Climate Campaigns Director
Green America

The EPN Paper Calculator is an excellent tool for quantifying the environmental benefits of purchasing high quality, 100% recycled content paper. EPN’s data helps public agencies with annual reporting and making the important case for purchasing superior paper products that perform well operationally and environmentally. Palo Alto has used the EPN Calculator for copy paper for years and will be expanding its use to quantify the benefits of paper used by printing vendors and custodial papers.  
Julie Weiss, Project Manager for Watershed Protection/Regional Water Quality Control
City of Palo Alto

The Paper Calculator is an essential resource for Canopy, as it allows us to measure and track the environmental benefits of ancient and endangered forest friendly procurement choices made by many of our 750 partnering companies.
Neva Murtha, Senior Campaigner

At Alameda County, we approach environmental purchasing from a perspective of buy less, then buy better. For copy paper, this means implementing a wide range of initiatives to reduce our total use by 30% over a 7-year period and switching to 100% post-consumer recycled content paper. The Paper Calculator has been a great tool to highlight how small changes in the way we use paper can add up across all our departments to make a big difference for the environment. This helps motivate everyone from employees to County leaders to continue to support these efforts.
Karen Cook, Sustainability Project Manager
County of Alameda, CA
Power Users